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Movement, together with Ichilov-well, has dozens of Covid-19 testers, located across Israel that come to you, wherever you are to perform the test. 

Private clients, organizations and companies that require a Covid-19 PCR test are welcome to contact our appointments center.

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The coronavirus detection testing service provided by Ichilov-well is a fast and effective solution, with a certified Covid-19 tester coming to the client’s home or business.

The differences between the test types

The differences between the test types

PCR Test

The PCR test, performed using a mouth swab, is the most accurate test,. This is an official Israeli Ministry of Health, certified and approved test, and with the results you can get official approval for boarding an overseas flight, enter officially approved “Green” tourist destinations and get a recognized Covid-19 free certification for  institutions demanding a formal negative Covid-19 test result.

Choose from 2 tracks:

VIP home test: Schedule a tester straight to your home
Normal track: Get results within 24 hours of the test reaching the lab.

The time it takes for the tester to bring the test to the lab can differ and, in some cases, can take up to 12 hours from the moment the swab sample is taken at the client’s home or site.

Please note prior to leaving the country: some countries require results from both a PCR test and a Serology test.

Medical has a PCR test Coronavirus COVID-19, collection process nasal samples NP and OP oral, viral DNA diagnostic procedure RT-PCR

Who should have a Serology test?

Anyone required to present a Serology test result according to Ministry of Health guidelines (those vaccinated abroad, for example).

People with immuno-suppression who want, after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, to establish whether or not they have developed antibodies.

Those suspected of being previously infected with Covid-19 who want to make sure they indeed developed antibodies.

Anyone interested in knowing their antibody level.

The test is available to anyone who wishes to have it.

Please do NOT come to the test facility if you have a temperature above 37.6°C or with symptoms. Personal protection and social distancing guidelines must be maintained while in the hospital or medical station.

Covid-19 Serology test to identify antibodies in the blood

A lab test to find and identify IgG antibodies in the blood, to identify people who are immune to the Covid-19 virus. The presence of antibodies (a positive test result) represents a prior infection of Covid-19, even without experiencing all the symptoms or if a Corona virus vaccine was administered. A lack of antibodies (negative test result) means that more than likely there was no exposure to the virus. 

The presence of Covid-19 antibodies in the body is an indication of protection from the disease and that the chance of a recurring infection, after 3 months, is low.

Corona virus serology test to identify antibodies in the blood:

  • The test can be performed Sunday to Thursday, between 7:00-10:00 (7-10 AM), with an appointment made in advance.
  • Test results received within one business day.
  • The results will be available in the personal area on the Ichilov-well website.
  • An Email will be sent once results are available. 
  • The results are NOT translated to English.

What’s the result range for a Covid-19 Serology test?

  • Below or equal to 50 units: Negative.
  • Between 51-150 units: Positive for someone who’s vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19. Otherwise, result is uncertain. 
  • Equal or above 151 units: Positive for Covid-19 antibodies.

A Serology Covid-19 virus test is performed in two situations:

A Serology test after being infected with Covid-19, with or without symptoms

The test is for patients who want to know whether or not they developed antibodies as a result of a past Covid-19 illness. The Antibodies specific for the Corona virus appear in the blood between 6 to 21 days after first infection with the virus. * It’s best to perform the test at least 10 days after illness has ended.

A Serology test after vaccination

The test is for people who were vaccinated for Covid-19 and want to know the level of antibodies post vaccination. In this case, the test quantifies the levels of antibodies for the Spike proteins in the Corona virus. * It’s best to perform the test at least 10 days after the first vaccine.

Testing Tracks

At Ichilov-well we offer all Covid-19 tests, separately or bundled together, according to the client’s request.

A test at MDA stations

For official approval
  • Country wide availability, at dozens of MDA stations
  • Receive the test result within 24 hours
  • Results also provided in English, approved for international flights

VIP test

Coming straight to you
  • Results also provided in English, approved for international flights
  • Receive the test result within 24 hours
  • Price doesn’t include a surcharge for coming to the client’s address

VIP Serology test

Coming straight to you
  • Result is sent to the Ministry of Health, for approval to be released from isolation/quarantine
  • Receive the test result within 24 hours
  • Price doesn’t include a surcharge for coming to the client’s address

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Our Clients

From the Press

A corona virus test with a result available within minutes can take us back to an almost fully normal routine. The test was developed by the Ministry of Health and Ichilov hospital, with a widespread pilot already underway in Daliat El-Carmel.

Be’er Sheva Net

First: non-vaccinated spectators at a basketball game Using a test done with the “Green Approval” system by Ichilov-well and Movement, children and teen-agers were allowed into the arena to watch a basketball game, after a fast Covid-19 test done on the spot and with results available after only 15 minutes – conditional on a negative result of course.

Chanel 7

For the first time since March 20th, 2020, and with the assistance and sponsorship of the recently approved fast testing compound, 40 children, with negative test results, were finally able to get into a sporting event, a basketball game in the Israeli Winner league.

ONE Sport

In co-operation with Ichilov-well, Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball club is going to offer fast Corona virus tests for fans.

Maccabi Tel Aviv

For the first time: The Israeli basketball champion team will let around 150 un-vaccinated fans into the Euro-League game against Barcelona, this thanks to a fast testing system developed at Ichilov hospital.

ONE Sport

For the first time since March of 2020, tonight 40 children went into a basketball game between Bnei Herzliya and HaPoel Jerusalem, after having had fast Covid-19 tests at the entrance. All 40 children tested negative for Corona.


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